With so many options available, the most common question asked is “What CPR course should I take?” To help answer this question and break down the different types of classes, iSaveLives created the flow diagram below.

Which category do you fall under?


Which Class is Right for Me

Can I take a CPR course on-line?

Both AHA and ARC offer CPR certification courses on-line.  However, both certifications require a skills check-off, which means they are not TRUE "on-line" courses.  Unless your facility covers the additional course cost, we do not recommend the on-line AHA courses due to the added expense.  We do, however, recommend taking ARC CPR/AED/First Aid courses as a "Hybrid/Blended Learning" option as it's more economical and the scheduling of the skills check off is more flexible.  To schedule a skills check off for either AHA or ARC, please visit our Contact Us page or email us at info@isavelives.net   

What are the differences between a "full course", a "blended course", a "hybrid course", and an on-line course?

A "full course" is how iSaveLives designates their classroom taught courses. All material and skills testing is conducted in the classroom with a certified AHA or ARC instructor.

A "blended course" and a "hybrid course"are different terms used to describe the same type of course  - a portion of the course is taken on-line and a skills check-off with a certified instructor is scheduled after the on-line portion is complete. You receive your certification following completion of the skills check-off.

An on-online only course is 100% on-line, but does not have a skills check-off.  We do not offer those courses as we believe an on-line only course does not benefit the student, nor will most facilities accept a "true" on-line course.

I need a CPR certification for my job, but was told to take BLS. What is BLS?

Basic Life Support, or BLS, is a CPR course typically required for a person who is working as a healthcare provider or whose job is located in a workplace that provides medical services.  The BLS course teaches adult and pediatric CPR and AED usage, how to relieve choking, and other life saving skills. BLS is the most common CPR course required for healthcare providers.